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neuroLeet: The world's first brain training wearable for gamers.

Neuroscientists and engineers are introducing neurotechnology to the world of esports. A new product called neuroLeet aims to provide effective assistance to amateur and professional gamers in improving their mental performance and fitness. 

At their core, esports are brain games. While there are physical element involved such as precise eye-hand coordination, almost all of the competition comes from strategic thinking and mental sharpness, similarly to chess. Therefore general mental fitness, the ability to focus, and stress management are essential skills in competitive gaming. 

It is evident that the popularity of gaming is growing rapidly, and it got a huge boost by the lockdown measures as well. The number of active users of online video games worldwide is estimated as 2-3 billion.  27 million people play the popular League of Legends every day. The prestige of the sport is shown by the fact that the winner of the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 pocketed $3 million of the $15.3 million prize pool. To put that into perspective, it is more than Djokovic got after winning at Wimbledon.

Unlike in traditional sports, the right tools and services which would help e-athletes and professional gamers in taking care of their mental fitness and improving their skills are very immature yet. The high expectations on esport athletes can be overwhelming and if they don’t have the ability to deal with the pressure, it can lead to burnout, insomnia, and depression. What’s more, static, poor posture during gameplays can affect not only the spine of the gamers but can lead to other health problems. This is where neuroLeet comes into play.

NeuroLeet is a personalized mental training tool for gamers and e-athletes created by neuroscientists, engineers  and esport athletes at Mindrove Ltd. “Esports, neurotechnology and artificial intelligence have undergone tremendous development during recent years, and combining these three areas can open up new horizons.” – says Dr. Gergely Márton, the CEO of the company.

The neuroLeet system consists of two main components. Firstly, the neuroLeet device is a headset accessory that allows you to transform any headset to a trackset (brain-sensing device) in seconds. Secondly, the neuroLeet software powered by artificial intelligence provides feedback and statistics on the gamer’s brain activity and posture and helps gamers achieve better mental performance and create the right mindset. Based on the data, it supports the users with various training programs.

“Similarly to a fitness tracker which tracks our heart rate, neuroLeet tracks our mental stages. Just like 30 minutes of exercise a day is good for physical fitness, using 10-20 minutes of neuroLeet a day improves the gamer’s mental health and fitness.” – says János Csipor, co-founder of the company. “We have received a lot of positive feedback from gamers and esport clubs about the usefulness of the system.” – he adds.

For the founders, the goal is to make every gamer’s brain healthier and provide objective indicators and programs for esport managers to develop an appropriate strategy for development while avoiding the detrimental effects of intense gameplays.

Find more information about the product on the neuroLeet website (neuroleet.gg).


"the NeuroLeet could be a massive boon to competitive gamers everywhere."

"The neuroLeet EEG brain-training wearable is an advanced technology solution for avid gamers or professionals alike that will enable them to optimize their performance in a noninvasive manner. "

"Best of all, this gaming wearable doesn’t just tell you what improvements to make, but it guides you with interactive training sessions. "

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